Course Description

Help children gain a spiritual connection for self-esteem, confidence, and happiness with this wonderful collection of adventure stories and information. Two spiritual meditations help kids to connect, relax and resolve current issues.

The books are in PDF format and are fully downloadable. You also have the choice to view them as a flip book.

The mediations are in MP3 format and are fully downloadable.

  1. Children's Story "Connect to the Stars"- An exciting adventure like no other. Chris is a sensitive young boy who feels like he doesn't fit in. The secret understandings he gains from his spiritual teacher are practical ways to make his life work.
  2. Parent Guide "Teach Kids to Touch the stars and Connect to their Highest Good - With this guide to support and reinforce the lessons from the story, parents or caregivers know how to help. The powerful techniques are taught every day by Cathy (a mind health professional), to support children and adults alike in therapy.
  3. Meditation to meet your spiritual guide - this helps children to resolve worries and build self-confidence.
  4. Meditation an adventure in nature with techniques to relax and let go of worry.
A child who learns meditation will have a life long skill to help ease stress and over-thinking. Many doctors today are implementing meditation into the treatment plans of people with life threatening diseases and as an aid to reverse mental illnesses. It is also used as an aid to speeding up learning programs and to increase immunity, and overall well-being.

Integrated Mind Health Instructor

Cathy Rodwell

Cathy Rodwell MEd is a professional Integrated Mind Therapist, Author, and Motivational Speaker. Her passion is to share transformational tools for health and well-being. Cathy has helped change thousands of lives as people have captured the power of their minds and learned to integrate these amazing techniques. Rather than focusing on who we are, she encourages us to focus on who we can become.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    A Spiritual Story to Help Kids Develop Unshakeable Self-Confidence.

    • Connect To the Stars.

    • Connect to the Stars Story Flip Book

  • 2

    A Guide for Adults to Teach Kids the Gift of Happiness No Matter What.

    • Teach Kids to Touch the Stars and Connect to their Highest Good.

    • Teach Kids Flip Book

  • 3


    • A Meditation for Children - Meet your spiritual guide.

    • A Meditation for Children - A Journey in nature to let go of worries and sleep soundly.