New-fashioned Meditation that Works

Change your thoughts to stop thinking and start re-wiring | taught by Cathy Rodwell

Course description

Don't get caught up with the idea that meditation is just for monks. There are many ways to make your meditation work. Aim to get good at life rather than becoming an expert at meditation. 

Are you looking for a fix to stop random thoughts disempowering your life? These simple but effective techniques have been proven to be positively mind altering!

Learn practical ways to use your energy for optimal health and wellbeing. Understand the benefits of grounding and what you can do to cope with stressful situations.

Cathy Rodwell
Cathy Rodwell
Integrated Mind Health Instructor

Cathy Rodwell MEd is a professional Integrated Mind Therapist, Author, and Motivational Speaker. Her passion is to share transformational tools for health and well-being. Cathy has helped change thousands of lives as people have captured the power of their minds and learned to integrate these amazing techniques. Rather than focusing on who we are, she encourages us to focus on who we can become.